Private Menu Tastings

At A Cut Above Catering Classes & Events, we don’t think of you as just another customer. You have unique tastes and preferences, so when you visit us for a tasting of our acclaimed catering menu it should be just as unique! While it’s common for other caterers to offer pre-scheduled group tastings with a generic menu set by the chef, we take a different approach. Our tastings are private and personalized just for you.

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Get the One-on-One Attention You Deserve

Our intimate menu tastings are part of what makes A Cut Above unlike any other caterer. You are joined by your personal Event Coordinator, who leads you through the process of tasting your menu, as well as the Chef, who ensures your experience is just right and make any custom changes. Since we don’t do group sessions, we are able to take the time to get to know you and focus all our attention on perfecting the meal for your event.

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From classic comfort food to exotic International cuisine, our Chefs design your custom menu to be an unique as you are.

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