Corporate Menus

Whether breakfast, lunch, or dinner, we’ve got a casual dining option for your event. Let us cater your next corporate event.


48-Hour Notice Required

Minimum of 15 Guest


Signature Breakfast
Our scrumptious selections to start off the day 

A la Carte

per person

Scrambled or Confetti Eggs $2.75

Bacon, Sausage, or Ham $3.25

Breakfast Potatoes $2.25

Buttermilk Biscuits & Sausage Gravy $5.50

Fresh Fruit Salad $2.50

Serves 20 

Mini Bagels with Cream Cheese

& Local Jam (40 pieces) $17.95

English Muffins or Buttermilk Biscuits with Local Jam,

Local Honey & Sweet Butter $18.95

Mini Muffins (40 pieces) $21.50

Petite Croissants (40 pieces) $23.95

Jumbo Muffins $29.95

Bagels with Cream Cheese and Jam $29.95

Freshly Baked Petite Pastries (40 pieces) $31.00


Prix Fix Menus
Combining our signature breakfast offerings,

our chef-created menus will take you beyond

“Continental Breakfast” 


Signature Selections
$9.95 per person

Choice of Two…

Freshly Baked Pastries & Petite Muffins

Mini Bagels with Cream Cheese & Local Jam and Honey

Buttermilk Biscuits with Local Jam and Honey

Petite Croissants with Local Jam and Honey


Fresh Fruit Salad

Scrambled Eggs

Thick Cut Bacon or Sausage

Choice of One…

Coffee Service

Assorted Juices

Bottled Water


Bountiful Breakfast Buffet
$13.95 per person

Choice of…

Scrambled Eggs

Confetti Eggs

Choice of Two…



Glazed Ham Slices

Breakfast Potatoes


Fresh Fruit Salad 

Freshly Baked Pastries

Choice of One…

Coffee Service

Assorted Juices

Bottled Water

Up the ante with our selection of quiches and casseroles



Casserole, Quiche & Frittata
$14.95 per person

Choice Two…

Quiche or Frittata

Bacon and Caramelized Onion with Goat Cheese

Red Pepper, Mushroom and Cheddar Cheese

Mediterranean with Spinach, Red Peppers and Feta

Zucchini & Parmesan Cheese

Sausage, Bell Pepper & Sweet Onion

Chorizo Sausage, Tomato, Red Pepper, and Scallions

Broccoli, Ham and Monterey Jack Cheese


Fresh Fruit Salad

Choice of One…

Freshly Baked PastriesPetite Croissants

Petite Croissants


French Toast Bread Pudding

Blueberry Cream Cheese Strata

Maple Sausage Bread Pudding

Farmer’s Breakfast Casserole

Chorizo & Potato Breakfast Casserole


Coffee Service

Assorted Juices

Bottled Water

Please note:

The number of choices available is based upon number of guests


Breakfast on the Go
$11.25 per person

Choice of Two…

Buttermilk Biscuit


Flour Tortilla

Choice of Two…

Thick Peppered Bacon

Sausage Patties

Glazed Ham Slices

Choice of…

Breakfast Potatoes

Hash Brown Patties


Egg Patties

Assortment of Cheeses

Chef’s Choice Sauces

Fresh Fruit Salad


Optional Add-on Yogurt Parfait Bar
$5.50 per person

Vanilla Yogurt

Greek non-fat Yogurt


Fresh Berries

Dried Fruits


Toasted Almonds


Chef Attended Breakfast Buffet

$17.95 per person

Minimum 25 Guest


Omelet Chef for 3 hours

Serving Equipment

Coffee & Juice Service

Omelet Ingredients to include…

Diced Ham


Sautéed Mushrooms

Red and Green Peppers



Cheddar Cheese

Feta Cheese

Buffet to also include…


Breakfast Sausage

Breakfast Potatoes

Fresh Fruit Salad

Assorted Petite Pastries

Chef on site fee $250 per Chef


Sweet & Savory Crepe Station

$18.95 per person

Crepe Station Ingredients to include…

Nutella and Bananas

Savory Almond Chicken

Scrambled Bacon and Egg

Lemon Curd and Fresh Berry

Roasted Vegetables with Sherry Cream Sauce

Mushroom and Spinach


Fresh Fruit Salad

Breakfast Potatoes

Bacon & Sausage

Coffee & Juice Service 

Chef on site fee $250 per Chef


Coffee & Beverage Service

Coffee Service $2.50 per person

Tea Service $2.50 per person

Bottled Water $1.50 each

Assorted Juices $1.75 each

Sparkling Punch $20.00 per gallon

Juice per Gallon $18.00



Gourmet Boxed Lunch
The brown bag gets an UPGRADE CUSTOMIZE your boxed lunch from our wide selection of sandwiches, wraps, and salads. All boxed lunches include kettle chips, fresh fruit, cookie, mini bottled water, condiments, and utensils.

*Number of selections available will vary based on quantity ordered. Inquire for details.

Cold-Cut ClassicS $12.50

Roast Beef & Cheddar on Bolio Roll

Turkey & Provolone on Ciabatta

Ham & Cheddar on Croissant

Caprese on Ciabatta


Signature Sandwiches$14.00

California Club

Turkey, Swiss, Bacon, Fresh Smashed

Italian Focaccia

Ham, Salami & Provolone on Focaccia

Roasted Vegetable Hummus

Served with Pita

Roast Beef & Cheddar

Choice Roast Beef, Cheddar, Red Onion with a Creamy Horseradish

Sauce on an Artisan Roll

Turkey & Brie

Shaved Smoked Turkey, Imported Brie, Local Honey with Cranberry

Mayonnaise on a Bakery Fresh Baguette

Wraps $14.00

Thai Chicken

Roasted Chicken Breast, Shredded Carrots,

Scallions in a Thai Peanut Sauce

Southwest Chicken

Roast Chicken Breast, Black Beans,

Caramelized Corn, Cheddar Cheese with a Spicy Aioli

Grilled Vegetable

Grilled Bell Peppers, Portobello Mushrooms,

Zucchini, Yellow Squash, Tomato,

Carrots with a Balsamic Reduction

Sweet and Spicy Buffalo Chicken

Shredded Buffalo Chicken,

Tomato, Romaine, Celery with Ranch Dressing

Turkey and Brie

Shaved Smoked Turkey, 

Imported Brie, Local Honey, Cranberry Mayonnaise


Salads $13.00

Garden Salad 

Mixed Greens with Cucumber, Tomato,

Shredded Cheddar, Herbed Croutons

Caesar Salad

Crisp Romaine, Cherry Tomatoes, 

Herbed Croutons, Parmesan Cheese

Spinach Salad 

Baby Spinach, Fresh Strawberries,

Toasted Almonds, Goat Cheese

Mixed Greens 

Cucumber, Tomato, Shredded Cheddar Cheese, Croutons

Southwest Cobb

Grilled Chicken, Roasted Corn, Cheddar Cheese, 

Scallions, Tomatoes, Black Olives

Harvest Salad Mixed Greens, Dates, Dried Apricots,

Sliced Almonds, Goat Cheese

Asian Salad 

Grilled Chicken, Crisp Romaine, Napa Cabbage, Mandarin Oranges,

Crispy Chow Mein Noodles, Almonds, Scallions, Cilantro

Chop Chop Salad

Salami, Black Olives, Diced Tomatoes,

Mozzarella, Parmesan Cheese


Fresh Salad Bowls
Regular – 5 Entree Portions, 10 Side Portions $34.00
Large – 10 Entree Portions, 20 Side Portions $55.00

Garden Salad

Mixed Greens, Cucumber, Tomato, 

Shredded Cheddar Cheese, Croutons

Caesar Salad 

Crisp Romaine, Cherry Tomatoes,

Herbed Croutons, Parmesan Cheese

Southwest Cobb

Roasted Corn, Cheddar Cheese, Scallions, Tomatoes, Black Olives

Harvest Salad 

Mixed Greens, Dates, Dried Apricots, 

Sliced Almonds, Goat Cheese

Spring Spinach Salad 

Baby spinach, Fresh Strawberries,

Toasted Almonds, Goat Cheese

Asian Salad 

Crisp Romaine, Napa Cabbage, 

Mandarin Oranges, Crispy Chow Mein Noodles,

Almonds, Scallions, Cilantro

Chop Chop Salad 

Salami, Black Olives, Diced Tomatoes,

Mozzarella, Parmesan Cheese

ADD CHICKEN; Reg. $6.00, Large $10.00




Balsamic Vinaigrette

Buttermilk Ranch

Honey Dijon

Toasted Sesame

Poppy seed

Blue Cheese


Sandwich Platters

Sandwich Assortment

Platter of 12 $70.00
Platter of 25 $126.00

Black Forest Ham & Cheddar, Roast Beef

& Cheddar, Turkey & Provolone

 Petite Curry or Classic Chicken Salad

Half Platter (serves 10-15, 20 sandwiches) $55.00
Full Platter (serves 25-40, 40 sandwiches) $110.00

Tender roasted chicken is what makes our chicken salad so delicious.

Even more so when it’s piled on a buttery petite croissant

Mini Cold-Cut Sandwiches

Half Platter (serves 10) $35.00
Full Platter (serves 20) $70.00

Two-Bite Versions of our Signature & Cold-Cut Sandwiches,

with House Aioli and Spreads.

Snack Trays

The Cheese Plate

Platter (serves 15-20) $70.00

Brie, Herbed Goat Cheese, Assorted Cubed Cheese,

Red Grapes, Served with Crackers

The Classic Crudité 

Platter (serves 15-20) $65.00

Fresh Seasonal Veggies with Choice of Roasted

Red Pepper Hummus or Dill Dipping Sauce

The Tuscan Platter

Platter (serves 15-20) $90.00

 Italian Cured Meats, Cheeses,

Marinated Baby Portabellas, Olives

Snack Packages

Minimum 12 Guest

Executive Snack Break $5.95 per person

Cheese & Crackers, Fresh Baked Cookies, Mini Brownies

& Fresh Fruit Salad 

Power Break $6.95 per person

Fresh Fruit Salad, Vanilla Yogurt, Granola

& Sunflower Seeds

Nacho Bar Break $5.95 per person

Tortilla Chips, Salsa, Queso Cheese

Sour Cream & Jalapeno Slices

Afternoon Break $7.95 per person

Turkey, Roast Beef, & Ham Mini Sandwiches,

Domestic Cubed Cheese with Strawberries, Grapes, & Crackers

Make Your Own Trail Mix Break $4.95 per person

Granola, M&M’s, Salted Nuts, Raisins, Chocolate Chips,

Mini Marshmallows, Dried Cranberries

Pretzel Shop Package $5.95 per person

New York Style Soft & Buttery Pretzel Bites Served

with Beer Cheese Fondue

& Honey Mustard Sauce,

Chocolate-Drizzled Pretzels


A la Carte

Greek Pasta Salad $27.95

Tomatoes, Cucumber, Black Olive,

Feta Cheese (Serves 15)

Southwest Pasta Salad $29.95 

Corn, Black Beans, Sweet Peppers, Cheddar Cheese,

Spicy Southwest Dressing (Serves 15)

Loaded Potato Salad $29.95 

Baby Red Potatoes with Sour Cream,

Crispy Bacon, Shredded Cheddar

& Sliced Green Onion (Serves 15)

Dill Potato Salad $27.95 

Baby Red Potatoes in a Creamy Dill Dijonnaise (Serves 15)

Sun-dried Tomato Quinoa Salad $29.95 

Red and White Quinoa mixed with Sun-dried Tomato Pesto,

Black Olives, Tossed in a Herb Vinaigrette (Serves 15)



Hot Luncheons Buffets

Minimum 20 Guest

Our casual luncheon & dinner buffets range from comfort classics

to your favorite regional & international cuisine.

Baked Potato & Chili Bar $14.95 per person

Idaho Baked Potatoes with Butter, Sour Cream, Shredded Cheddar,

Jalapenos, Black OlivesGreen Onion, Ham, Turkey, Bacon

Served with Homemade Chili & Oyster Crackers 

*Vegetarian Chili Available

Taco Bar $14.95 per person

Grilled Mesquite Chicken Spicy Ground Sirloin

Flour Tortillas, Cilantro Rice, Cumin Black Beans,

Sour Cream, SalsaShredded Cheddar Cheese

 Add Chips, Guacamole & Queso for an additional charge

Backyard BBQ $14.95

Beer Brats with Caramelized Onions, Pulled Pork Sliders,

Pasta Salad or Potato Salad Coleslaw & Bourbon Baked Beans

Fajita Bar $17.95 per person

Grilled Mesquite Chicken, Flank Steak

Roasted Peppers & Onions, Cilantro, Rice Cumin Black Beans,

Sour Cream, SalsaShredded Cheddar Cheese & Flour Tortillas

 Add Chips, Guacamole & Queso For an additional charge

Home Cookin’ $17.95

Homemade MeatloafFried Chicken Cutlets,

Smashed Potatoes, Macaroni & Cheese, Green Bean Casserole

Vegetarian / Vegan $18.95

Garden Salad with Balsamic Dressing,

Sun-dried Artichoke & Fresh Basil Pasta with Tomato, Spinach,

Roasted Vegetables & Portobello Mushrooms, Grilled Asparagus

with Toasted Pine Nuts

Curry Spice & Everything Nice $18.95 per person

Raita Salad, Chicken Curry, Basmati Rice

& Indian Style Roasted Vegetables

Italian Bistro $19.95 per person

Served with crusty bread and butter

Choose one…

Caesar Salad

Garden Salad

Choose two…

Baked Ziti with Italian sausage

Grilled or Blackened Chicken Alfredo

Penne alla Vodka with Chicken

White Vegetable Lasagna

Meat Lasagna

Shrimp Scampi Pasta

Latin Classics $19.95 / per person

Served with Flour Tortillas, Chips and Black Bean Salsa

Choose one…

Steak with Chimichurri Sauce

Mojo Pulled Pork

Choose two…

Charro Beans with Bacon

Roasted Peppers and Tomatoes

Spanish Rice

Cumin Rice

Bahama Breeze $19.95 per person

Jerk Chicken, Pulled PorkCaribbean Broccolini,

Sweet PotatoesCoconut Fried RiceFried Plantains

Mediterranean Inspired $19.95 per person

Greek Salad, Greek Chicken Kabobs, Beef Kabobs,

Lemon Orzo Pilaf, Greek Style Green Beans

Served with Tzatziki Sauce and Pita Bread

Pan Asian Cuisine $21.95 per person

Served with Vegetable Egg Rolls and Cucumber Asian Salad

Choose one…

Steamed Rice

Fried Rice

Choose two…

Teriyaki Chicken, Coconut Shrimp, Korean Beef,

Spicy orange pork, Honey Tempura Chicken with Dipping Sauces