Class FAQ

This answers many of your questions about our cooking classes.

Q. How long does an instructional Cooking Class typically last?

A. Typically, from beginning to end, each class lasts 2-3 hours.

Q. What does each class consist of?

A. Each class begins with chef prepared appetizers in conjunction with the theme of your class. You are then led through approximately 1 1/2 hours of hands-on instruction with the chef. Following the instruction, you will then sit down and enjoy your freshly prepared meal. At the end of the class, you will take home the recipes you made along with the quick prep tips and techniques you learned from our chef so you can re-create the dishes in your home kitchen.

Q. Can we drink alcohol?

A. Beer and wine e are offered for an additional cost throughout your event. Beer and wine are typically not included in the price of the class, unless otherwise stated.

Q. How big are the classes?

A. Public classes range anywhere from 10-20, however you may book a private instructional party with a minimum of 10 people.

Q. What other activities do you provide in your instructional Kitchen?

A. In addition to our public classes and our 4 week “Bon Vivant” Cooking Course, we also offer our “Final Cut Challenge”. This “Chopped” style cooking competition is our signature Team Building Exercise. Teams pair off for an appetizer and entree round. Teams must use all of the “Secret Basket” ingredients and design, plan, and execute a dish for the judges of your choosing. They’ll have just 40 minutes for each round, so team leadership, delegation of tasks, time management, and communication are the key skills each team will have to master in order for them to advance. The teams will have the help of our chefs for guidance and light instruction, so no matter if your group is beginner or intermediate in the kitchen, they will have the tools to succeed in this challenge. This package is able to be fully customized to fit your Team Building goals, from the menu and basket selections to the format of the challenge. At the end of the competition, your group will sit down for a chef prepared dinner using the ingredients from the basket. While your group dines and discusses what they’ve learned that evening, we total up the scores and announce dinner during dessert. The “Final Cut Challenge” takes about 3-31/2 hours depending on group size.

Q. How much do classes cost?

A. Public and Seasonal Classes range from $45-$65 dollars per person, which is all inclusive except for beer and wine. Pricing is based on menu selection of class. Our 4-week “Bon-Vivant” Cooking Course is priced at $180 per person and includes 3 classes and the “Final Cut Challenge” during week 4. (Private classes and the “Final Cut Challenge” vary in price, based on the menu selections and package options).

Q. What do I need to bring to class?

A. That’s the best part! You need nothing except your photo-id when you arrive. We also suggest you bring your credit/debit card or cash to purchase beer and wine from our cash bar. We also offer a variety of locally made herb and spice blends from Fresco (Ft. Wayne, IN) that we feature in some of our dishes. These are available for purchase during classes and during our normal operating hours.